From Our Founder

Climate change presents an unprecedented challenge to humankind due to its scale and disruption potential. Bold and coordinated action is imperative. Governments and businesses can't do it alone. We all have to be involved.

I have had the privilege of working on sustainability and climate action for a decade now, particularly following the international process that achieved the historic Paris Agreement and its current implementation. Throughout my years working in climate advocacy I have heard people say that our individual actions don’t really matter. Nothing further from the truth. What we do matters. And if we are to succeed at reaching carbon neutrality well before midcentury, we must compound our efforts. There is no other way.

At CACTO, we have not just incorporated sustainability into our business plan. CACTO was built around a sustainability core. We supervise the entire production cycle of our merchandise. As you can read here, our primary material is low energy intensive, toxic chemical free, and partially biodegradable- among its many environmental added values. Furthermore, we are socially responsible and implement fair labor standards. We have invested in recruiting the best artisans in Mexico, who can rival the craftsmanship at the most prestigious French maisons, all while being cruelty-free, sustainable, and affordable.

When it comes to design CACTO is sleek, modern, and functional. We favor textures and geometric shapes. We are all about craftsmanship not showmanship. Our accessories are meant to be used in every season and for every occasion. We work in two colors – green and black- which reflect our ethos: protecting nature and timeless sophistication.  

Our customers stand out by their diversity. They live in every corner of the world, profess a variety of creeds, and embrace authenticity. The common denominator is their love for humanity and their relentless commitment to improving the state of the world. Our global community understands that we are all on the same boat, that our lives are all connected, and as the great MLK said, that no one is free until we are all free.

Years from now we must look our children and grandchildren in the eye knowing that throughout our lives we acted with integrity to safeguard their future. We won't be able to say that we didn't know.

-Jesus Chavez

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