CACTO presents the Heritage Collection, the initial offering of the brand’s proposition of modern responsible luxury.

Heritage embodies the elevated versatility that defines CACTO’s design codes: structural shapes, geometric elements, clean lines, and a dichromatic color palette. Total black hardware and zippers accentuate the collection’s minimal look and feel. Masterful craftsmanship and innovative materials highlight the brand’s immutable DNA.

Our take on timeless utilitarian design, embedded with refined distinction, effortlessly crosses over between genders and age brackets. 

Each object is the output of an artisan. Each object tells a verse of our story.

“With the Heritage Collection we are celebrating the world's illustrious tradition of leather craftmanship but reimagining it with a vision towards the future. Heritage is about infusing classic shapes with a contemporary effect that is enticing regardless of cultural context or geography. With our opera prima we wanted to push boundaries to create objects and methods that transcend time.”

Jesus Chavez - Founder

Sustainability, innovation, and superior craftmanship are the cornerstones of the CACTO house and our products.

Social responsibility considerations are paramount in our decision-making process.

We take a 360° design approach that prioritizes beauty, functionality, and versatility.